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November 15, 2010

As a vlogger who interacts with her audience and speaks with high-profile experts and celebrities, having a zit is a total nightmare and unfortunately, it has become part of my daily worries. From red circular scars that have lived on my face for more than three years to a new pimple after eating fried food, there are days when my face isn’t as clear as it was in high school and it drives me crazy!

To explore what is causing this, I brought our camera to my appointment with Dr. Bank– a renowned dermatologist who has been featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America. Sure enough, he says I have adult acne! What the–??!

We met on a day when I had a severe breakout for going to bed after eating fried salami the night before. Thankfully it’s not usually as bad as this!

A few weeks ago I met with my dermatologist at Mt. Sinai to see what options I may have when it comes to removing the red scars! She recommends the following:

To prevent new pimples from forming, Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash is the best for many skin types. It’s a foaming cleanser that’s 100% soap free. It also works as make-up remover. Available at your local drugstore. $13




And to remove the acne scars, she prescribed Finacea Gel– or an azelaic acid to help calm the redness. The goal is to completely remove the red marks that have been on my face for the past few years. If this gel doesn’t do it in about six weeks, then we might discuss some sort of chemical peel or an another alternative.

Follow me on this journey as we try to clear my skin once and for all! Stay tuned for updates. Feel free to share your recommendations and at-home remedies! – Mercedes

Take a look at my interview with Dr. Bank on BeChic TV here, or on the YouTube clip below

Mercedes Sanchez

Mercedes Sanchez is an on-air style and beauty expert, spokesperson, and the founder of — a lifestyle blog covering fashion, beauty, and travel. She's offered style and beauty tips on NBC, CBS, BET, HuffPo, Telemundo and Univision. Contact: mercedes[at]bechicmag[dot]com.

  • Very informative post. Sometimes when new acne is suddenly on your face they are likely to wash their face roughly with hope that acne will be gone. Unfortunately it’s wrong. We must wash our face gently and use a scientifically proven cleanser in order to get the best result. And I agree with the author. we must also fight the acne from inside as well. if you have a severe acne no matter on your face or body the best way is to fight those acne from outside and inside and if you consistent do so you will get an impressive result. Firstly you must drink a lot of plain water, fruits such as orange and I also read online that garlic is also a good remedies for acne. If you are girl just ensure to remove you make before sleep and wash you face frequently. nowadays is very good as long as you use is consistently and also to counter from inside such as taking care of what you eat. Remember you are what you eat.



  • Well I had this problem and this solved it.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately acne can affect us all and the ugly part is that on adults  acne leaves more pronounced scars….The problem is not if acne will pass or not, because sooner or later it will.
    The problem is what we can do about acne scars that are very ugly and actually ruining our look.
    Fraxel Toronto was the answer for me….I had it done because no cream or other product could get those ugly scars off of my face. after a few sessions and some little redness problems my face was back as before acne: without any scars or sun spots that were also removed by this treatment

  • Adult acne is not very nice to have, i had it for a while and it was terrible.

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