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Why I was afraid to get a facial and why I’m glad I did

October 31, 2017

As much as I enjoy talking about beauty and skincare, I’ve always been nervous about facials because I have sensitive skin. Although I’ve had them before, I often hear horror stories about women breaking out or suffering from redness for days. So when the folks at SkinSpoke contacted me about visiting their new spa, I let them know my hesitation. The coordinator told me the owner and esthetician Carol Chan would go through a detailed consultation and skin assessment with me and then create a custom facial based on my needs. I liked the sound of that.

skin spoke spa nyc bechicmag

The 90-min facial started with a steam massage to open the pores. This might have been one of my favorite parts. Even though it feels amazing, the massage also helps stimulate the muscles. The blood flow to the area helps with producing collagen, anti-aging and giving the skin a natural glow. 

Once the pores were open, Carol started the extractions. This is the part that makes me nervous because people react differently to the removal of blackheads and whiteheads. Carol knew of my fear and explained the whole process to me. She said she only touches the parts she knows will be fully extracted. People tend to breakout three days post facial if the whiteheads aren’t removed fully. And if there’s a part Carol thinks she won’t be able to extract, then she would rather leave it alone. She urges her clients to never pop a zit on their own. Instead she asks them to stop by the spa where she will remove the zit herself. Thankfully, I didn’t breakout! 

To avoid breakouts, Carol applies a white clay mask; the mask helps resize the pores and disinfect the extracted area. 

white mask nyc facial

White Mask at SkinSpoke  skinspoke nyc spa

After the white mask comes the 24K gold sheet and ultrasound therapy which helps remove the redness from the extraction – which was one of my other worries since I had a Facebook Live with Siempre Mujer the following day. All of the redness went away after the 24K gold soft mask. 

skinspoke nyc facial

24K Gold Sheet Mask at SkinSpoke in New York City 

The gold sheet also works as a facial detox. In the following photo you can see the nastiness that was removed from my skin! Carol says pollution is just one of the factors. Our hormones, what we eat, and products we apply to our skin all contribute as toxins. Remind me to detox more often!

facial toxins

Gold sheet facial detox 

In addition to the steam massage, the next and final step was my second favorite part. After the gold sheet, Carol covered my eyes to apply a custom 24K gold soft mask which includes caviar and a bit of vitamin C. This soft mask is great for firming, brightening, lifting and plumping the skin – all features I need help with now that we head to colder weather here in New York City. 

skinspoke face mask The mask felt so good upon my skin, and once it was applied Carol left me in the room for about 10-15 minutes with calming music. If I was the type of person who could fall asleep anywhere, I would’ve been out! Instead I just enjoyed the peace and quiet of being offline and appreciated a relaxing moment on my birthday. 

She later peeled off the soft mask. 

beauty blogger spa nyc

While this facial goes for $295, SkinSpoke offers a variety of facials and beauty treatments. For example, you can choose a one hour treatment for $175. It has all the benefits of steam, exfoliation, detox masks, hydrating ultrasound and 24 Karat Gold. The only difference is there would be no time for massage and extractions. Other treatments at that price are the Hydro Peel, Organic Salt and Macro Fusion. If you have a hard time deciding you can book the hour and decide at the appointment. Visit the new spa at or 158 W. 13th Street.

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Thanks to Carol and her team for this complimentary service! 

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