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VIDEO | Men’s Edition: Beard grooming tips you can try at home

September 14, 2017

Tell us, do you shave at home or go to your local barber?

 As you might recall from my “Balding at 18” blog post, I don’t visit the barber shop often because I simply don’t have to. But my friends can’t stop talking about Allen Cut & Shave, a family-run grooming parlor in New York City’s Lower East Side. I stopped by to get some shaving tips you all can try at home. 

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Carlos says the shaving process is divided into three parts. One: Preparing the skin with a pre-shave oil. If you have sensitive skin, opt for a more natural choice like olive oil or avocado oil which are rich in Vitamin E. 

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Use a hot towel to open the pores before shaving. 

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When it comes to the actual shaving, use a shaving gel instead of a foamy cream so you can keep a closer look at what you’re taking off. 

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And third, finish by closing the pores with a cooler towel and moisturizing. 

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Thanks to Carlos for the tips. And thanks to the rest of the Men at Be Chic crew. This was really a team effort. Ari for connecting us to Carlos. Danny for the video clips of the Allen Cut & Shave family and Mercedes for editing. 

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Tell us, do you shave at home or go to your local barber? 

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