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How to make stovetop popcorn | Vlog

July 9, 2017

After a light dinner and a stroll to our favorite ice cream shop, the husband and I decided to get some popcorn to watch a movie at home. We don’t own a microwave so I looked for the ones that come in a self-contained disposable pan but I didn’t find one in our neighborhood. 

Instead, we bought a bottle of gourmet popping corn that we could make in a large pot at home. I’m sure this pretty common – but it was my first time making popcorn like this. I was nervous it was going to burn, but it didn’t! how to make popcorn

If you want to make stovetop popcorn at home, here’s how to do it: 

  • Add cooking oil to a large pot or pan (We used Olive Oil)
  • Add the corn and turn the stove on to a medium heat
  • Cover the pot 
  • Wait 8-10 minutes for the corn to cook
  • Shake the pot occasionally 
  • Turn off the heat when most of the corn has popped
  • Add the remaining olive oil and sprinkle the salt 
  • Enjoy! 

stovetop popcorn

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