Can your hair hold a curl? Mine won't, but I have a trick

My hair is interesting. It's not quite straight, but it isn't curly. It looks more on the thin side, but it's actually medium-thick. I've been styling my own hair for more than a year now (I still hit up the salon occasionally), but when I do it myself, I can't get a curl to hold for the life of me. So this is what I do when I want to achieve a wavy look. pin curly hair Before a special occasion or a TV segment, I don't only pin my hair up,  I have to go to bed with the curl pins for it to really make a difference. hair beauty tips

I pinned it up before meeting with some friends this week. But I had it up for only an hour and it barely left a wave. I mean, it's not straight but those are not curls!

how to make your hair wavy

I've tried everything at home: rotating curling iron, the wand, and a curling iron. I have great tools at home like the Pro Beauty wand and the Beachwaver. (Click links.)

Here's proof that my hair can indeed hold a curl. For this Khaleesi-inspired lookI went to the hair salon and asked the stylist to use a curly iron and then pin my hair up. I had it up for about four hours and the texture lasted through the entire week!

wavy hair

What do you do to make your hair wavy or curly?