How to keep your hands hydrated

Just a few days ago I posted this picture of me in a sleeveless sweater while it was 58 degrees, and the next day I was photographed wearing a long heavy coat with boots. Is the weather in your area as unpredictable as it is in New York City?

Colder temperatures lead to dry, flaky skin. Remember that time I told you about a dry patch on my leg that could've been easily been prevented with some lotion?! I've gotten better at moisturizing my legs and arms throughout the years but I often forget about hydrating my hands. That's why I try to keep one by my desk at all times. I used to keep one at the public relations office too, but I'm now working on my own projects full-time from home.

Your hands get dry in the winter because the cold air strips the skin of its naturals oils and moisture.

Last month I briefly mentioned the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula-Hand Cream. I got it in the mail right before it got cold and now I won't stop using it.

neutrogena hand cream

Here's why I recommend this particular cream for dry hands:

  • It only costs $5 so I can keep one in my office and at home.
  • It repairs the skin's natural moisture barrier to keep hands and cuticles softer longer (Remember what I wrote up top about the cold air striping your skin's natural moisture?)
  • Eliminates seven signs of damage: dryness, chapping, cracking, split nails, dry cuticles, scaliness, roughness.
  • A dab goes a long way. And because it lasts up to 17 hours, I don't have to reapply as much.

neutrogena norwegian formula

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula-Hand Cream is so rich that is was originally developed for Arctic fishermen who needed to protect their own hands from some of the coldest, harshest weather on the planet. So you can only imagine how effective this cream is.

If you're looking for something slightly lighter, the Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Cream is another great option. It also has the Norwegian formula, but when I compared the two, the fast absorbing cream felt much lighter. It moisturizes and nourishes without leaving your hands feeling greasy.

neutrogena fast absorbing hand cream

Quick video demonstration using Boomerang.

neutrogena hand cream

Have you used any of these creams before?

This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are my own.