Post-Halloween Skincare

After Halloween Beauty  By Mercedes Sanchez


I think the last time I dressed up for Halloween was during college, when I created a last-minute costume and went to the campus party as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. (Yea-- I wouldn't approve of such a concept now either).

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? If you did, I'll take a safe guess and say that makeup played a vital role in your costume.

There are two products I recommend for this fun 'holiday'. First, to smoothly remove all the gunk, liner, mascara, and eye shadow you may have applied for your party, I suggest the Eye Make-up Remover from Simple Skincare. It effectively removes waterproof mascara. It's not greasy and contains no oils.

And with a fun, happening party often comes a few cocktails. As tasty as they may be, cocktails and alcohol often leave you feeling dehydrated. It's with reason experts recommend drinking water during and after a night out (8 to 10 glasses per day is best!). For the day after, I recommend the Hydrating Light Moisturizer, also from Simple. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished all day long. It contains no harsh irritants or perfumes.

Tell us, what did you dress up as this Halloween?

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