I can wear this dress anywhere

As some many of you know, my weeks are never the same. I can be at a beauty or fashion event one day, and then managing a PR client the next. I try to dress accordingly for each meeting, but it's not so easy in the summer when on most days I wear a flowy skirt with sandals.

what to wear to the office

Dress: Marshalls | Sunglasses: Old Navy | Shoes: Christian Louboutin

So a few days ago when I had a full day (Fox 5 interview about my local church, working at the PR day office, and then meeting my girlfriend Flor for drinks at a rooftop in Midtown), I decided to wear this neutral, knee-length gray dress. It's comfortable and sleeveless for the warm weather and still modest.

The only thing I didn't do as I was rushing out of the apartment was pick the right underwear. Instead of wearing higher and thicker undies, I wore tight, hiphuggers which were not flattering whatsoever. Thankfully it wasn't super noticeable.

stacey delikat fox 5

Oh, and check out those natural highlights! The bottom part of my hair has become much lighter this summer.

 Do you have a go-to outfit you can wear anywhere?

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