Rebecca Taylor Girls, do you have your Memorial Day outfit ready? Whether you're going to a BBQ, hitting the Hamptons or just having a chic brunch and cocktails at your favorite restaurant, here are three dresses we recommend for this weekend.

It might just be the paisley and floral prints or the purples, blues and magentas in the Rebecca Taylor line that let us know that summer 2010 has finally arrived- and with a bang! If you're an avid BeChic reader you know how much we adore Taylor's fabric and designs. She mixes vintage and modern to create a fun and flirty line that can make any woman feel fabulous even with a more casual look like the striped tee dress pictured on the left. Women can sport these dresses during the day or strut their stuff at night with the perfect accessories. Check out more frocks and their prices below. - Samantha S.