By Arleny shoegasm

Allow me to make a confession: I have a problem with shoes! My dilemma is that I have a closet full of them, yet shopping isn't always so fun. I often can't find that perfect pair and when I do, I get turned off by outrageous prices. So the folks behind Shoegasm couldn't have reached out to us at a better time.

Shoegasm is a chic boutique with with exposed brick walls and antique furniture- walking into this eccentric store is an experience within itself. The walls are filled with contemporary shoes at very reasonable prices. Check out these edgy booties (pictured above), also available in black and brown for only $49.99. I also liked a pair of silver pumps adorned with metallic flowers. Shoegasm didn’t disappoint me and was a complete relief to my usual shoe-shopping frustrations. I recommend that you check it out (guys this means you too)!  In New York, Shoegasm has three locations near Chelsea, Tribeca and the Flatiron District. Until next time, stay chic!  Shoegasm,