White Is In This Summer

Wearing white this summer By Mercedes Sanchez

white is in this summerI’m a firm believer that you don’t have to wait for the summer to wear white, but we naturally gear towards white during the warmer months.

There are so many trends that make wearing white so much more fun, such as black and white patterns, shirts and dresses combining white with stripes, the good old traditional white T-shirt that never goes out of style, white maxi skirts like the one I have in the photo—the list just goes on and on!

And there’s nothing wrong with wearing white on white, but try to not always keep it monochromatic. You can add pops of color to your outfit with the accessories and bags you wear. For example, a bright coral statement necklace will add a touch of glam and personality to your white outfit. Same goes for shoes or bangle bracelets.

And if you’re the type who wants to capture each and every moment this summer before Old Man Winter returns, make sure that your smile is just as pearly white in those photos.

I recommend a whitening toothpaste, especially if you're big coffee/red wine drinker like me.

And don’t forget your hair during those summer photo ops! Some of us suffer from flakes during the winter and the summer. 

Another beauty trick I always recommend is to protect your scalp from harmful sun rays by wearing a chic hat during an outdoor activity or a day at the beach.

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