How to make stovetop popcorn | Vlog

After a light dinner and a stroll to our favorite ice cream shop, the husband and I decided to get some popcorn to watch a movie at home. We don't own a microwave so I looked for the ones that come in a self-contained disposable pan but I didn't find one in our neighborhood. 

Instead, we bought a bottle of gourmet popping corn that we could make in a large pot at home. I'm sure this pretty common - but it was my first time making popcorn like this. I was nervous it was going to burn, but it didn't!

how to make popcorn
how to make popcorn

If you want to make stovetop popcorn at home, here's how to do it: 

  • Add cooking oil to a large pot or pan (We used Olive Oil)
  • Add the corn and turn the stove on to a medium heat
  • Cover the pot 
  • Wait 8-10 minutes for the corn to cook
  • Shake the pot occasionally 
  • Turn off the heat when most of the corn has popped
  • Add the remaining olive oil and sprinkle the salt 
  • Enjoy! 
stovetop popcorn
stovetop popcorn

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