"U by Kotex" Opens Pop-Up Shop

This might be TMI but my period is unpredictable and when I do get it, it's horrible. I've been known to miss school and even special events due to horrible cramps. At home, I'll snuggle up on my couch, start my Sex and The City marathon and eat Ben and Jerry's Double Chocolate Fudge brownie ice cream.

The crazy thing is I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has a "period routine".

 Earlier this year Sarah Michelson, an FIT student, felt the same way and posted this on Tumblr. She called for a shop with everything that we ladies crave during that special time of the month.

sarah michelson FIT

This post got to U by Kotex and they listened. They're now hosting a series of events called The Period Projects (#PeriodProjects) and launched the first ever Period Pop-Up shop last weekend. 

u by kotex period projects

The shop was stocked with everything from pads and tampons to sweatpants and "period bags." They also had a wide variety of products from ban.do including this cute little pouch perfect for stowing away all your essentials.

u by kotex period bag

U by Kotex also has a "Truth Booth" where you can share a funny period story or just talk about little things you do. During my time there I confessed about how my Dominican mom has ingrained all of these old wives tales about not drinking lemonade or painting my nails during that week! It also gave us the opportunity to talk about the period stigma and how men are “afraid” of periods and whether we would send our significant other to buy us tampons.

The most amazing part is that all proceeds will be given to Susan's Place. Susan's Place is a transitional home for homeless women and provides them with housing support.

Ladies, if a period shop were to open, would you go? What do you think of the idea?! Let us know in the comments below!

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