Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Father's Day Gifts

A good gift is one he can use many times and that won't cost you much. What do you think?

Men's accessories


Ties and wallets are items that never go out of style. And he can use them anytime, anywhere. These are from Macy's and start at $30.

Shaving kits

men lubriderm and neutogrena shave cream

I love the kits from the Art of Shaving, but if you have a more modest budget, I always like the idea of creating a DIY beauty basket with products.

Here is the Lubriderm 3-in-1 Lotion (for the face and body), and the Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Post-Shave Lotion. Available at your local drugstore for less than $15.

Man purse and summer shoes

men bags and boat shoes

Now that summer has sort of begun, why not get him a pair of comfortable and stylish boat shoes. These are from BlueFly.com.

And, I strongly believe that every dad should have a man purse (bag) to store his computer, files, gadgets. These are from Overstock.com and JC Penny, and they start at $50.

Decanter and Tequila

tequila selection suprema

For the dad who loves to entertain his buddies, Home Goods offers fancy decanters starting at $22.00

If you want to go all out, go for a pricey bottle of Tequila from Herradura Selección Suprema. It's aged for 49 months and has a smooth, creamy texture.


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