Men's Edition: Daddy, Boys, and Toys

A father and son’s relationship is built and flourished with many different lessons, experiences, and memories. But the foundation of this beautiful relationship might surprise you. It's all about the toys. From blocks, to legos to trains and cars. Thomas the train daddy blog

Throughout the toddler stage you will notice that toys are life. As a jack-of- all-trades father, you will learn which toys bring the best out of your son.

Walking into Toys’ R Us is overwhelming for me as the options are endless. However, my toddler knows exactly which toys to go for. I don’t know if it’s because of the popular cartoons or shows he watches, but he builds his preference fairly quick. My son can run through six aisles and stop on a dime at the Thomas the Train section.


Taking a real interest in what your son enjoys makes everything more interesting. Because of his love for Thomas the Train, now my son and I can use Thomas references in daily conversation. We don't just go to the carwash, we go to the “wash down.” We don't go on vacation, we go on holidays. Trains are fun, and BFF Thomas quickly can become family. An island full of talking trains who encourage friendliness, have manners, and express their emotions is a great tool for free play and building your own tracks.

wooden blocks for toddlers


Early on your curious little one might become interested with wooden blocks. It’s thrilling to see how they build just to watch it come crashing down. The amusement derives from the playtime and my talk with him as we build the blocks together. Playtime is fun for him, but it’s also a time to teach and learn.


Having a boy isn't about moving slowly. As soon as the blocks are mastered and the crash becomes a sound of beauty, get ready. His imagination will flourish and this is when you need to step up your creativity and spark new ideas. These trips into fantasy land can lead to great memories and teaching moments. Lego Duplo are great building blocks and can be easily mixed into play with just about any other toy.

car toys


It’s no wonder where boys get their love for cars. Anything on wheels will do at this young age. (Talk about foreshadowing, right?!)  It’s impressive how cars can be useful in explaining movement, speed, and space. It’s also helpful when attempting to tell a child to slow down, because you don’t want to “crash.”

As playtime continues, strategic planning becomes part of the game. Questions like “what is needed?” and “what is next?” help your child’s wild imagination run free.

Enjoying each other’s company will happen naturally through toys; the time spent together helps us understand each other and build teamwork.

And it’s not always about what or how we can teach our kids. Toys are a safe space to allow your little one to lead and learn through playing.

Which toys do your kids like most?