Men's Edition: The perfect year-round kicks for summer

What are your go-to sneakers for Summer ‘17

For someone who wears shoes 80% of the time during the week, sneakers have become more of an afterthought. While the Yeezys or limited edition of anything generally get most of the attention, I tend to go with proven classics. I prefer quality and accessibility over extravagance and prestige. I'm not looking for anything flashy, but definitely versatile. My price point is under $100 since I will only wear them on weekends and days off.

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I own a pair of all white Cole Haan leather sneakers that I've used for the past two years.  I wore them everywhere. From parks and beaches in Puerto Rico and Cancun to the streets of Mexico City. They aged well, but after so many miles, it was time to retire them.

Insert the all-white leather Jack Purcell Classics by Converse. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Converse and their Chuck Taylor All-Stars. While they have an iconic style, they had never really done much to improve the comfort of the Chuck Taylor All-Stars. But the Jack Purcell editions definitely have more support in the sole insert and Converse has also updated some Chucks with Nike’s Lunarlon insoles.

The Jack Purcell editions definitely need to be broken in but I assume with one or two more wears, they will fit like a glove. They complement jeans or khakis seamlessly. As the warmer weather approaches, they pair well with shorts and basically any color within your wardrobe.

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Because they're all white, they get dirty easily. That's a compromise I’m fine with as a wipe from a wet napkin every so often will keep them looking fresh. I recommend getting no-show socks if you plan on showing ankles. The tips have a navy blue line in the shape of a smile, which adds a sliver of color to the sneakers.

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The all-white leather Chucks are a great choice for anyone looking for simplicity, versatility, and affordability. Canvas would be great for spring and summer while the leather versions are great year-round.

What sneakers will get you through the summer?

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