AMERICA CELEBRATES A NEW ERA Election Night 2008 Times Square

Election night felt more like New Year's Eve as New Yorkers filled the streets of Times Square looking up at the big screens waiting to hear if Barack Obama won. It was a historical night for all of us!

Americans nationwide anxiously awaited for the California ballots to be counted and finally celebrate. Friends and co-workers united and roamed the New York City streets together looking for bars with televisions to keep track of the votes. And once it was official that Barack Obama was elected and won the presidency, phone calls were made, tears were shed, block parties were thrown and car horns were heard all throughout the city until late. The New York Times reported arrests were made in Williamsburg after residents complained that the streets were packed and they couldn't pass through the neighborhood.

In one of my previous posts I wrote, I'm not sure how I feel about being an American but I'm for sure proud of being a New Yorker. Today I join many of you when I say, I am proud to be an American too. *mercedes sanchez