Jessica Caban at the Grammys with BF Bruno Mars

Model Jessica Caban By Mercedes Sanchez

jessica caban bruno mars at the grammys How pretty was Jessica Caban at last night's Grammys?

The Puerto Rican model from Spanish Harlem sat beside boyfriend Bruno Mars.

Not sure if you guys know much about her, but she's the sweetest young woman and down to earth.

We first met when we modeled together for a national beauty segment on Despierta America. See video below.

(You and I both know I'm not actually a model, but it was fun playing one for a day).

Caban was first discovered when working as a model for J.Lo's fashion line, J-Lo. Then she was named the first winner of Model Latina.

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Get her look here:



Take a look at a short interview I held with Jessica moments after our Despierta America segment. (Taken with my Flip camera back in 2009- Whoa!)