Get your makeup done in 5 minutes

Today marked our fourth consecutive week creating Facebook Live videos. Within the past month, some of you contacted me asking for tips on easy and fast ways to apply makeup since so many of us are always on the go. And that's exactly what I focused on during today's chat. For a full list of products see below.

Unless I have an important meeting or an event related to my online business, I really try not to wear a face full of makeup. It saves me time and lets my skin breathe.

Daily 5-Minute Makeup Routine

After I moisturize my face, I add a bit of The Estee Edit Beam Team for hydration and glow. You can apply it by itself or with mixed makeup. I use it as a highlighter on my nose and cheekbones.

the estee edit

After that, I add a brightening BB cream with SPF. The one below is from Anadalou Naturals and it contains superfruit antioxidants. I bought it at Wholefoods but you can also order it online. The BB cream also provides added moisture and it's slightly tinted. I prefer to use the BB cream over a liquid foundation day-to-day because it's much lighter and it's easier to apply.

bb cream

Most people use a concealer to cover up blemishes and dark circles. Instead of a concealer, I use a liquid foundation I sometimes wear for TV. It's Makeup Forever HD. It's slightly lighter than my go-to L'Oreal foundation so I often wear it as a concealer - even when I'm only wearing the BB cream. I add a dime size amount under my eye and it gives me a refreshing look.

makeup forever

Then I add a hint of blush. Right now I'm using this super pink blush from Urban Decay. I then use an old contour palette for a touch of color.

urban decay contour be chic mag If I'm doing TV or if I'm going to a function, I usually apply my eye makeup first. It's much easier to clean it up and start over if I make a mistake. But for my everyday routine, I leave the eye makeup last. I add a primer before applying the eye shadow.

urban decay eye primer be chic mag naked somekey eye When I wear mascara, I curl my lashes first for additional volume and length. Right now I'm using the CoverGirl Plumpify mascara. Eyeliner is optional for your day-to-day. I'm currently wearing Maybelline Master Precise. covergirl plumpify

maybelline precise eyeliner

I don't know how the weather is in your city, but in New York it feels like it went straight to winter. And for many of us, the cold weather means dry skin. So before I apply on my lipstick, especially if it's matte, I add a bit of Vaseline for extra moisture.

vaseline lip therapy be chic mag Lately I've been wearing Mary Kay's new Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick. I'm really impressed with this collection. The new sticks help hydrate your lips without smudging. They come in eight new colors for only $18. Available on

mary kay gel semi matte lipstick

I'm also obsessed with this bright pink matte lipstick from MAC. mac pink matte lipstick

That's it! Of course it sounds so much longer when I describe each step and product in the video and in the post, but it really only takes me five minutes or less to complete this entire routine.

If you missed the live chat, watch the video on top. Feel free to suggest any ideas or topics for upcoming Facebook Live chats. I really enjoy doing them.

By the way, today I also shot my first Spanish-language video and so far it already has 11,000 views.