By Johanna Marie Ferreira These days it’s hard to cough up money on expensive products. So one of the best ways to save on beauty care is to use natural items. Some of these are remedies my mother tried on me while others are from friends whose relatives have been using for years!

Rice Water: An Ancient Anti-Aging Treatment

Asian women are admired for their beautiful, clear and flawless skin. One of their secrets to keeping their complexions smooth, translucent and youthful is washing their faces with rice water. Rice water is simply the water that comes from washing uncooked rice. Once the rice is soaked the water becomes cloudy in appearance. This works because rice contains a high concentration of PABA (para aminobenzoic acid) and this tends to work effectively as a sunscreen. To make your own homemade rice cleanser, simply take a bowl and soak about a cup full of white rice. Clean the rise thoroughly. Once you see the water become cloudy, drain the water into another bowl. Repeatedly splash the rice water over your face. For best results, do not towel dry your face, instead leave the water on your face to air-dry. Your best bet is to do this whenever you’re planning on making rice that way you don’t waste it.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda: A Natural Whitening Remedy

Combining hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is a great way to whiten teeth naturally. Many dentists recommend it and it's also an active ingredient found in many whitening toothpastes. Baking soda effectively polishes teeth without scratching the surface of the tooth, and it also works to prevent tartar buildup. Whether you’re looking to whiten your teeth or just maintain a healthy smile, hydrogen peroxide should definitely become a part of your daily oral hygiene regimen as it works as an antiseptic property, preventing infections and bacterial buildup. To make your own hydrogen peroxide and baking soda whitening treatment, take a small cup and add ½ a teaspoon of baking soda. Then pour a dash of hydrogen peroxide until the mixture turns into a paste. Apply the paste to your toothbrush and brush as usual. You can also brush afterwards with your regular toothpaste.

Eggs and Mayonnaise: A Deep Treatment Conditioner

Eggs and mayonnaise treatments effectively work to restore moisture and shine to dry/damaged hair. The mixture creates a deep conditioning treatment that leaves hair healthier, silky and soft. The reason why this works is because eggs contain protein and fatty acids that assist in nourishing your hair and the vitamins contained in eggs such as, vitamin A, D and E are vital to your hair’s health. The ingredients found in mayonnaise are eggs, oil and vinegar. These ingredients combined help to moisturize, add shine, and balance the pH levels of your hair. To create your own homemade egg and mayonnaise conditioning treatment, add one egg and ½ cup of mayonnaise to a bowl. Mix the ingredients well and then distribute the treatment throughout your hair from the roots to the ends. Then cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and let the mixture set for about 30 minutes. Shampoo to remove the treatment and rinse thoroughly.

Vinegar: A Natural Dandruff Solution

Vinegar has been used as a natural dandruff remedy for centuries. It's known to kill off the fungus found in dandruff and restores the proper acid/alkaline balance of the scalp. The most common types of vinegar used to treat dandruff are white vinegar and apple cider vinegar. To create your own natural dandruff solution, simply mix an equal amount of warm water and vinegar to a bowl. Then take a cup and pour the mixture onto your scalp and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse the solution out and wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.

Brown Sugar – A Natural Body Scrub

Did you know that brown sugar is a great ingredient to exfoliate your skin? It has been discovered that brown sugar helps keep your skin smooth and radiant. To make your own brown sugar scrub, mix a cup of sugar with 1/3 cup of olive oil. Shower with lukewarm water and massage the scrub throughout your body, focusing on drier areas. Rinse off the brown sugar scrub with warm water. It’s highly suggested that you wash your body off with soap afterwards because the scrub can leave your skin a little oily.

Johanna Marie Ferreira is a freelance writer and editorial assistant for the City University of New York (CUNY).