Adult Acne Diary: Barefaced

By Mercedes Sanchez Happy Belated Thanksgiving! A few exciting things have happened since my last post. For one, I am glad to be wearing makeup again after a whole week of going barefaced. Even my local laundry lady was happy to see me looking fresh.

"Wow! You look beautiful," she said in her broken English and making hand gestures to her face as I handed her my receipt for pick-up. I didn't know whether to be flattered or offended. Do I look that hideous without makeup? I actually feel quite the same, but she's right. Because of these red scars, I know I look better and therefore feel better when I apply foundation and mascara.

Second, I finally found the Complex 15 moisturizer thanks to a friend on Facebook. It's been several days and the lotion has been good to me so far. Chances are you won't find the cream in a pharmacy such as Duane Reade or CVS. Go to a local mom-and- pop store or apothecary.

Thanks for your feedback

Some of you have been leaving great tips for me from your own personal experience with adult acne. Thanks so much! When I don't use liquid foundation, I also use a mineral powder such as Bare Escentuals from Sephora.

Fellow writer Cindy recommended I try Proactiv's  Refining Mask! Anyone else had great results from Proactiv? I've never tried it, but perhaps I should.