When My Nails Met My Face

A Different Sort of Scarring Prevention latina beauty bloggers In my Adult Acne Diary column, I often speak about red scars from old and new zits. However, this morning it looks like I created a new dilemma when my thumb nail literally met my face.

How It Happened

I have a weird habit of sleeping with my head under the pillow. As I slightly turned my body, the pillow fell to the floor. And there! I scratched my face as I tried to save the pillow.

With videos and pictures that often come with the work of a fashion and beauty blogger I almost freaked out. Then I remembered there are bigger things in the world to be worried about and I relaxed.

Yet the scratch is still there. I tried covering it up a bit with my mineral powder foundation before heading to work. But what should I do to prevent scarring from a nail scratch?

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Tell me: What do you suggest I do to prevent a nail scratch scar?