completelybare Our editor met with Cindy Barshop from the hi-tech spa Completely Bare on the Bowery to talk about the phenomenon behind the Vajazzle! The professional estheticians from CB have been decorating their clients' "precious ladies" for many years with swarovski crystals, but it's become popular all over again since Jennifer Love Hewitt talked about her own vajazzle on Lopez Tonight! Watch the video below as Barshop demonstrates how viewers at home can get vajazzled!

Thinking of getting vajazzed for Valentine's Day? Completely Bare is offering readers a special promo code to use on when purchasing the ouchless professional wax that comes with a free flair to vajazzle yourself at home! For our NY readers, go to any CB location for a bikini wax and receive the flair complimentary. Promo Code: BeChic