By Mercedes Sanchez Whether you're a die-hard Twilight Saga fan or not, we're sure the name Ashley Greene rings a bell. With the premiere of Eclipse earlier this week, Greene has been a huge hit -almost bigger than Kristen Stewart who has the leading role- and that could be because of Greene's gorgeous locks thanks to hairstylist Ted Gibson.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Gibson before the premiere at this Fifth Avenue salon where he gave me practical tips on achieving Hollywood Hair in 10 minutes! Here they are...

Hollywood Hair in 10 Minutes:

1. Shine: For the girl on-the- go searching for a star look, Gibson recommends starting by applying his Hair Sheet throughout the entire dry head. "It has UV protection which is essential for girls during the summer," says Gibson. "It helps to fight frizz and it smells good; it has lavender oil. If you're a girl that doesn't shampoo every single day, it's perfect because it acts as a refresher too."

2. Preparation: After applying the Hair Sheet, move on to the blow dry. It's important to part your hair into different sections (1.5 inch and about about two inches wide).

3. Brushes and Nozzle: Gibson recommends the Y.S. Park Brush which has a combination of boar and nylon bristles. He says you should always use your nozzle when blow drying because it gives direct heat to your hair which results in smooth locks.

4. Technique: As you're blow drying, it's important to take your hair up as high as possible, making sure to get all the ends in, and then rotate all the way down and twist. Repeat throughout all sections, and watch it already start the wave factor in your blow dry.

5. Making it Hollywood: Add waves and natural looking curls by taking your sections and using a large barrell curling iron.

6. The Big Finish: Hold hair in place by adding a light spray such as Ted Gibson's Beautiful Hold Spray.

And voila! That's how to get Hollywood Hair in 10 minutes! For a full demonstration, see our segment with Ted on BeChic TV or on the video below: