Do you put oil on your face?

mercedes sanchez beauty blogger Winter arrived early last week in the Northeast. Upstate New York was bombarded with more than four feet of snow, and New York City dropped down to 28 °. Like so many others, my skin gets dry right away. I'm already feeling it around my lips and on my face.

So this morning I looked for a bottle of Bobbi Brown's Extra Face Oil that I've been having since the spring.

When I first got it, I was very hesitant to try it. My face breaks out easy and I would never had thought of putting oil on my face.


bobbi brown face oil be chic mag

But this face oil is lightweight and absorbs fast- and it smells great. It acts as a moisturizer and leaves my face soft and smooth.

Today I'm heading to the office with a bare face. I added one coat of mascara (I try not to wear mascara every day) and a little bit of lip gloss. And I'm ready to go!

bobbi brown face oil


Have you tried a face oil before? 

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