Caress Fabulista: LaLa Anthony

We chat with LaLa Anthony

By Camlyn Valdez

Caress Lala Anthony


We hung out with Caress as they launched their new fragrance body wash Tempting Whisper with their amazing, fashion forward, super chic Fabulista, LaLa Anthony.

She shared her favorite summer fashion trends and even gave us tips on styling accessories. Mixing scent and fashion isn't something we would normally think of, but Fabulista LaLa, showed us how these two are intertwined, making you feel confident and sexy.

Here LaLa Anthony shares her thoughts on being a Fabulista and how you can be one too:

What is it like balancing being a mom, a business woman, a wife, a star? In other words what does it take to be a fabulista?

Just be able to get everything done and make it look effortless even if it wasn’t. Balancing and prioritizing are most important. Setting lists can help with this – every day I set a list of what I need to accomplish that day and it helps so much.

We know that as Latinas of color, finding the perfect foundation, lipstick, lip balm, or even blush shade could be a bit tricky. What does your new make up line, Motives have that other brands don't?

Motives is a beauty line for all shades. We really took the time to cover all skin tones so that every woman can find something that is just right for her.

What is it like to go from VJ to a-lister?

This transition seemed like a natural progression for me. I’m so thankful for the experience as a VJ because the on-camera experience has been able to help me with my acting and appearances today.

What are 5 tips you would share with young women today?

Being confident is sexy.

Beauty starts from within.

Support each other, always uplift each other, and never tear each other down.

Get involved in community activities and charities.

Reach for your goals.

Being a Caress Fabulista, what scent just kick starts your day and gives you that fabulous feeling all day? 

I am really inspired by floral scents which is why I am loving the new Caress Tempting Whisper Fine Fragrance Body Wash. The body wash has notes of wild peony and red plum- the scent lingers on your skin long after you shower so I find that I don’t need to wear perfume on top. Whenever I shower with the body wash, people stop to ask me what I am wearing! To me, feeling good means looking good and fragrance helps me feel good!

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