By Mercedes Sanchez Free taxi ride and makeup consultation around Manhattan? Count us in!

We caught up with Carmindy from TLC's What Not To Wear in her Carmindy Cab for festive beauty ideas and feedback on our adult acne diary. Watch our interview on BeChicTV or browse through her tips below.

Seasonal Trends

'Tis the season for some great holiday trends including a sultry smokey eye. It's the look many women want, but hard to accomplish on their own. Carmindy says it's actually easier than you think---if you have the right products and apply it correctly.


The Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette in Storm has three shades that Carmindy says work in all skin tones. "It has a highlight, a lid and a contour shade."  She recommends the Forever Stay Eyeliner pencil to make the smokey eye look stay all day and night. Always pair a smokey eye with a lighter lip so you balance the face.

This New Year’s Eve you can really have fun with your makeup while trying something new, bold and daring. Go for a metallic shadow. Carmindy's  Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette in Metallic has shades of gold, bronze and copper. If you'd like, try it with the eyeliner in the upper lash line and in the inside rim of the eyes with tons of black mascara on top and bottom. Add a really pretty shimmering lip gloss.


Another big holiday trend for the season is a red lip. If you don’t want to choose a red lipstick, try going for a red lip gloss so you don’t have to fully commit to a color.


When it comes to covering up blemishes, Carmindy says the first thing NOT to do is pile tons of foundation. "What you want to do is apply a thin layer of foundation. Once the foundation is on, then I want you to spot conceal any extra blemishes that are showing through. So take a fine tip from the concealer brush, dip it in a concealer that matches your skin tone and lightly layer it on top of the spot."  Finish with her Truly Translucent Loose Powder, which has a yellow tint that helps equalize and naturalize any redness.

Watch our cab ride with Carmindy on BeChicTV.