Caviar Scrub Booty Parlor

Trip to the Booty Parlor

This frigid weather is without a doubt making our skin rough and dry, but we found a chic product that has the perfect ingredient to keeping our body smooth and sexy: The Pink Caviar Scrub.

Booty Parlor’s Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub has a little secret weapon to getting your skin silky smooth. Caviar infused beads nourish your skin while the Jojoba oil and Shea butter help keep it hydrated.

This luxurious scrub enhances a youthful radiance and leaves you with a flirty glow. Not only does it leave your skin feeling amazing but its raspberry lemon sorbet scent makes you smell refreshing and absolutely tasty.

And the secret weapon? Well, cleverly the pheromones in the scrub help subtly inspire an all around sexier you with self-confidence and flirtation to get you ladies glowing.

Pink Caviar Scrub. Available at . $24. - Camlyn V.