Achieve the Perfect Base for Makeup Application

Achieve the Perfect Base for Makeup Application By Mercedes Sanchez

simple skincare ambassadorsEarlier today I counted how many products I use before actually applying makeup. It turns out I use three. And as much as I could use those extra minutes in the morning, this skincare regimen is imperative. If an extra 3-5 minutes can prevent your makeup from looking cakey or chalky, then it's worth it. Here's how to achieve the perfect base for makeup application:

Remove makeup before bed

We can't stress this enough. If you're too lazy to wash your face before bed, get a towelette you trust and gently pass it through your face. If you use a night cream or a retinol to fight wrinkles, then removing makeup before bed is super necessary.

Cleanse before or during shower

I use a no-soap cleanser every morning in the shower. I often hear about women (and men) who are so quick to finish that they simply just add  the cleanser and rinse it off right away, but what good does that do? Use the product for what it's meant to do: cleanse. Wet your face before applying the cleanser and lather using your fingers in circular motion. My dermatologist always said to use cold or warm water-- never hot.


I almost never use a toner, but they're encouraged for both morning and evening use. Toners are said to remove the last traces of makeup and cleansers.


In addition to cleansing, moisturizing might just be the most vital part of creating a perfect base-- especially during the winter. Adding a good moisturizer prevents dryness that can naturally occur with or without makeup. If you're prone to breakouts, look for a light moisturizer such as Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturizer.

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