Beauty News: Clinique launches "Difference Maker" to celebrate women

All around our daily lives, we're presented with mentors and #girlsquads. On social media, we're shown Taylor Swift's group of friends that are supportive through breakups and award acceptance speeches.

This month, Clinique launched their latest campaign celebrating just that: strong women who make small but effective differences in our lives.

Difference Maker strives to join women of all backgrounds and ethnicities, and tell how one small difference has made a huge impact on their lives. These six women are Gina Rodriguez, Erendira Ibarra, Victoria Pendleton, Jessica Nkosi, Nazan Eckes and Ning Chang. Each has taken a moment to share a story where a difference was made.

There are many ways you can join in celebrating strong women this month. Here's how:

  • Do you know a woman who's out there mentoring girls in the community, leading a debate or just being awesome? Nominate her by using the hashtag #DifferenceMaker.
  • Share your own personal story about a time you've stood to the test and made a small difference. Stories empower other women to get up and have heartfelt conversations about needed changes such as closing the wage gap or breaking the glass ceiling.
  • Start a conversation on Twitter about being a #DifferenceMaker and motivate other women to take the lead in making a change within their own communities.

Campaigns like these give us the opportunity to be us closer to one another. We can potentially reach out to a #girlboss we admire by nominating her as a Difference Maker. On a more daily basis, giving a slight nod of gratitude to those ladies that are killing it in the office or are staying at home and making a difference within their families.

Below, in the comments, share someone who is making a difference in your life and be sure to thank her whether it be your mami for making you food during finals week or your boss who pushes you to your limit. Stay fierce, ladies!

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