DIY Avocado Scrub

Winter Skincare By Mercedes Sanchez

diy avocado scrub

Watch my DIY Avocado Scrub video below 

Pardon the following not-so-sexy confession: Almost every winter, I get a dry patch on the same spot on my left leg due to the cold temperatures. I made an appointment with my dermatologist a couple of years ago, and she prescribed a cream but said that I could prevent the dry patch by spending more time moisturizing each morning.

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It was as simple as that, but through the experience, I learned the importance of developing a regular moisturizing routine that includes both daily and biweekly tricks to prevent dryness!

In addition to applying lotion on a daily basis, hydrating should start in the shower. I use the Olay® Winter Retreat Collection, which is available in both bar soap and body wash, to restore moisture in my winter-dry skin.

DIY Avocado Scrub-- Watch my video here:

Biweekly Tips

Make sure to exfoliate at least once every two weeks (or once a week) to remove dead skin cells. You can create your own oatmeal scrub at home. Here’s how:

Step 1: In a bowl, add oatmeal and water, and mix. For extra moisture, add a few drops of your favorite oil or moisturizer.

Step 2: Gently scrub on your legs. Rinse and remove with a damp towel.

Tell us: What are other ways you keep your skin hydrated in the winter?

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