DIY: Create an earring back from a straw

When you lose the back of your earring By Mercedes Sanchez

diy earring back As I rushed out of the apartment before the ride to a friend's wedding, I lost the back of my earring.

Lucky for me, I had a grooming scissor in my makeup bag and knew that I was going to have to create an earring back out of something-- I just didn't know what.

It was when we made a rest stop at a Starbucks in Long Island that it hit me: create an earring back out of a plastic straw!

I would say it's as easy as pie, but I don't bake. Here's how I did it:

1. Get a sturdy, plastic straw.

2. With a pair of scissors (or anything that can help you cut the straw), cut a piece that will fit your earring well.

3. Stab the back of your earring through the newly cut straw (as seen on the photo above) and make sure it stays in place. Voila!

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What have you used as an earring back?