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Share your artwork on DKNY Facebook page  By Mercedes Sanchez

dkny fragrances If you haven't already, we strongly encourage you to visit the DKNY Fragrances Facebook Page and share your digital artwork-- whether or not you're an 'artist.'

DKNY Fragrances is looking for an original piece to inspire their next ad campaign.

Take a look at the photo gallery below to see what some fans have already submitted and then try uploading your own.

Uploading your artwork on the  DKNY Fragrances Facebook page is super simple:

* Submit original content, such as a photograph or digital art that represents what DKNY Be Delicious means to them.


* Utilize the easy-to-use tool on the tab to create original digital art with personal Facebook photos and an array of assets provided by DKNY.

Your submission could be what inspires the brand’s next ad campaign, and your artwork will be included in galleries that show all fan entries by country.

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This post is a collaboration with DKNY.