america One of the toughest parts about relocating is finding a new entourage to help you look good. Back at home, I had two go-to hair stylists. I got my chic haircuts from whom I consider the best hair-cutter ever! And that's Nelson from Lotus, a swanky but laid back salon on Prince Street. Or when I needed an emergency wash and dry, my cousin Cristal always had my back. Now I'm in a new city and have no one I trust to handle me. There are some women who can do their own hair, nails and eyebrows. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Before leaving for Central New York, I realized I had to stack up in basic beauty products. After all, I was moving to a chic-challenged city. So I asked my crafty cousin to show me where I can get the best supplies for cheap. america We walked to a beauty supply store on Clinton Street in the Lower East Side. She showed me a collection of hair driers. I took my time selecting mine, especially since I haven't straightened my own hair in over four years. She also suggested which velcro rollers will add volume to my hair. Thanks to her I got the Turbo 1500! This baby is so powerful there's an over-sized disclaimer on the box that reads "Not For the Home. Professional Use Only." I haven't caused a blackout so far. Until I find a new talented group of folks to make me look pretty, I'll stick to my own blow drier and tweezers.

The Turbo 1500 runs for $60 in beauty stores. Nelson is by appointment only. Haircuts start at $80. Lotus*. 7 Prince Street. 212.219.3293 You can also check out his Web site @ *And if you want a super-chic hairdo, ask for Kelly! *mercedes sanchez