Dove Hair Affair

Hair Talk By Camlyn Valdez

Dove Daily Moisture

Yesterday, I was able to kick start my week with Dove's Hair Affair at Salon Ziba. After a long weekend, it's just what the doctor ordered.

Dove presented the new Hair Daily Moisture and Hair Intensive Repair lines. These products make sure your hair remains frizz free during the day and through the night. We joined Dove and celebrity hair stylist Mark Townsend as they primped, pampered, and styled women with these amazing new products.

The Intensive Repair line was used on me, both shampoo and conditioner. It left my hair feeling smooth and full of volume. And it is exactly what my curly hair needed.




This Dove Nourishing Oil Care was used before the blowout. It is an anti frizz serum with nutri-oils and an Argan Oil blend, perfect to protect hair from damaging in heat.

Dove Oil Care


This Style+Care Cream Serum was used as a finishing cream. Extremely lightweight and gives the perfect amount of shine.

Dove Cream Serum


I left Salon Ziba rocking and embracing my curls, thanks to the fabulous work of Dove and my hair stylist!

Dove Hair Affair

Here are some fun facts from the Dove Hair Affair:

1. 59% of Latinas admit to going out of their way to make sure people see them during a good hair day.

2. 8% of women feel confident on a goof hair day versus a bad one.

3. 20% of women refuse to leave their house, 40% of women will refuse to be in photos, 50% of women will feel generally annoyed, and 33% of women will wash their hair again.

4. On a good hair day: 35% of women would give up chocolate, 44% of women would give up wine, and 35% of women would give up social media.

5. 1 out of 3 women will skip a shower or a work out to preserve their style.

I have to admit, I am guilty of some of these. Are you?

You can try these products yourself this Thursday July 11th. Dove will be in Times Square (Broadway between 46th and 47th St.) as part of the Dove Great Hair Affair Tour, where you will be able to experience the products in a similar way. So get down there!

You may also share your favorite products and looks with us!

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