Dr. Scholl's for Her Aims to Bring You More Comfort

By Mercedes Sanchez Did you know that 50% of women have carried a spare pair of shoes or flip flops in their purse? Dr. Scholl's has come up with a word for this. Fabulitis: (noun) discomfort caused by the decision to to wear uncomfortable, yet fabulous shoes.

At a recent Dr. Scholl's event I learned that:

  • *60% of women love wearing high heels because it makes them feel attractive but when fabulitisTM sets in they feel irritable and frustrated
    • *58% have slipped off shoes under desk
      • *56% have slipped off shoes under a dining table
        • *94% of women feel good when their feet feel good
      • To help with 'fabulitis,' some of my personal faves from the Dr. Scholl's for Her items include:

        Dr. Scholl's for Her Fast Flats

        These foldable and compact flats fit discreetly in your purse and include a stylish wristlet for easy portability on the go. This spare pair is perfect for nights out, weddings, traveling through airports and more!


        Dr. Scholl for Her Rub Relief Strips

        These soft foam strips stick firmly to the inside of the shoe to cushion sensitive spots and help prevent rubbing and blisters. Rub Relief Strips come in an easy-to-use dispenser with a built-in cutter. The strips can be customized to any size and then placed anywhere inside shoes, yet are easily removable without damage to shoes. $7.49

        Take a look at some photos from the event:

        [nggallery id=27]

    How do you stay comfortable when wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes?