Drybar hits the Lower East Side

Hey, folks! I've posted about the drybar before on social media, so why an entire post dedicated to this particular beauty salon? Well, it just so happens that the popular parlor opened its latest location in my native Lower East Side in early November. I stopped by a few days ago for a complimentary blowout. lower east side dry bar

I'm not a stranger to the drybar. Even though they offer you a fantastic guide with their lookbook, I usually let the stylist know that I'm looking for volume and body but my curls don't last long. So I ask that after the blowout they pin my hair up. I bring my own pins. But for the review, I picked the "Cosmo" style from their menu which consists of loose curls.

mercedes sanchez

the drybar in the Lower East Side dry bar lower east side

dry bar lower east sideJust like their other locations, the Lower East Side salon has an ample space. I was a bit surprised at the size of the place since most things in the L.E.S. have limited space such as restaurants, apartments, boutiques, etc.

The folks behind the business are freaking geniuses. A few years ago I used to go to the Flatiron location. Then I started going to the one in SoHo by Bloomingdale's, but the L.E.S. spot might be my new go-to. I say they're geniuses because drybar  picks the best locations. The one in SoHo is across the street from a Soul Cycle, and this one is in the middle of all the new hotels, condos and bars. (I'm torn between the new and old New York. BTW: See my post '20 Years Later: Graffiti in the L.E.S.') I've visited their shop in Marina del Rey in California once too.

There are still several Dominican salons in the Lower East Side but I like the convenience of scheduling a hair appointment beforehand and the coziness that the drybar offers. I had a peppermint tea during the blowout.

The stylists at the drybar are also pretty diverse. Like my prior experience in their other salons, I saw a couple of Latina stylists at the L.E.S. location too. Their stylists are from many different backgrounds which I appreciate.

be chic mag lower east side

I try not to put too much product in my hair, but their stuff smells great: hairspray, heat protectors, etc.

the dry bar lower east side

mercedes sanchez dry bar

Here's my look right after the "Cosmopolitan" aka loose curls. I think I should've chosen the "Southern Comfort" for big hair and volume. Either way, I know my curls don't last so, as always, I asked the stylist to pin my hair up. I went to bed with the curl pins and woke up the next day with voluminous, bouncy and shiny hair. The girls (and guys) at the drybar always get it right! One day, just for fun, I'm going to try their "Dirty Martini."

mercedes sanchez

Thanks so much to the drybar for the complimentary blowout!  I'm on day two and my hair is still full of volume and texture.

katz deli

The drybar in the Lower East Side is located at 179 Ludlow Street, around the corner from the historical and famous Katz's Deli. Visit their website at thedrybar.com.

I received a complimentary blowout as part of the review, but as always, all opinions are my own.