Elizabeth Ulloa is Neutrogena's First Hispanic Beauty Ambassador

Latina Beauty By Mercedes Sanchez


elizabeth ulloa neutrogena A couple of weeks ago I attended Neutrogena's Beautiful In and Out Retreat at Yotel in New York City and met Elizabeth Ulloa.

Ulloa is Neutrogena's first Hispanic Beauty Ambassador-- meaning she's their official makeup artist. She will be the face for event appearances and media.

During the retreat we spoke about the Neutrogena line and sun protection.

"As Latinas our skin is prone to hyperpigmenation," says Ulloa. "And we tend to develop dark spots and discoloration. The best advice I have for this is wear sunscreen everyday."

I couldn't agree more with Ulloa! And when it comes to sunscreen, I actually abide by the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock because it's lightweight and doesn't include some ingredients I often try to avoid.

Here are some photos from the Beautiful In and Out Retreat:

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