How do you embrace your natural belleza Latina?

Embracing your natural beauty

By Mercedes Sanchez

allergy faceIt seems like we're having summer in autumn these days!

In New York City, for example, the temperature has been between 75-83 degrees for five consecutive days, and Los Angeles has had similar weather. We're hearing many women also complain about seasonal allergies this fall.

Allergies can affect not just how we feel, but also how we look.  Many women experience ALLERGY FACE™  – the beauty challenges like a puffy face, red nose and watery eyes – that are associated with typical allergy symptoms.

Also familiar with ALLERGYFACE  is Latina Blogger and beauty and fashion expert Carmen Ordoñez who has teamed up with the makers of ZYRTEC® to share her personal beauty tips to combat ALLERGY FACE™.

In this video, she shares tips about embracing your natural belleza Latina and help women look naturally bella while tackling allergy face.

Here are some of her tips: 

  • Eyes: Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to help “wake up” your ALLERGY FACE™. Using a curler will make your eyes look wide open, so you look fresh and awake.

  • Nose: If your nose is irritated and dry, avoid putting on foundation, which can look caked on. Instead apply a rich moisturizer and let it dry.

  • Face: To help reduce the appearance of ALLERGY FACE™, place a cold, damp cloth on your face for 10 minutes.

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What beauty tricks do YOU use to embrace your natural belleza Latina?


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