Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder

By Mercedes Sanchez

At an unveiling presentation of the newest Estee Lauder perfume, we got a firsthand look at how the fragrance came to be.

Sensuous Nude is characterized as a Woody Musk fragrance. Creative Director Karyn Khoury and perfumer Annie Buzantian shared steps and scents they created before finalizing what Sensuous Nude is today.

First steps to creating Sensuous Nude: Estee Lauder fragrance


  • Modern Radiance Accord- In the beginning they achieved a sparkling scent with Sicilian Bergamot, mandarin, Baie Rose and black pepper!
  • Intimate Femininity Accord- Next they added Jasmine petals and delicate Muget with a splash of coconut water. Finished by a touch of honey and musk.
  • Addictive Sensuality Accord- In the end, they say the warmth of bare skin is captured with translucent musk balanced with warm sandalwood, glowing amber and the Sensuous signature Melted Wood NaturePrint. It's completed with hints of heliotrope and vanilla.

When it came to trying out the end product, hints of the aforementioned scents were still present including the coconut water which was my favorite.

All about touch

"Modern sensuality is intimate, comfortable and effortless. It is rooted in the appreciation of skin as the portal to life's deepest sensorial experiences," says Khoury. "The intimacy of touch and the connection to bare skin brings a heightened, more personal dimension to these moments, allowing us to feel and experience more deeply."

Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder, available in department stores. Starting at $52.00

Here's the brief film about touch the ladies at Estee Lauder showed us during the presentation. It's pretty interesting, so take a look:

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