AUTUMN MUST-HAVESBeauty Me This If the weather out there hasn't reminded you already, we are approaching autumn- one of my favorite seasons for its crisp cool nights. If you're going back to school, it is definitely the time to make sure you keep up with all the latest trends. And for those heading back to the office, you can look forward to the first holiday of the season: Labor Day. So the fall line-up is one that can highlight any outfit and give you a boost of confidence right along with that great back to school outfit or corporate chic look. The celebs are definitely into orange lips, thick eyebrows and a matte manicure this season. And since you, my Beauties, are just as glamorous, we must get you on your way to look like the dazzling gems you are.

Lets begin:

•    Orange is about making a statement that says you are confident and bold. It doesn't matter the complexion of your skin. It's about the attitude of the woman who dares to wear the color. Now be sure to keep the rest of the face subtle and natural looking. Try  Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick, Orange Shiver $34


•    As for the eyebrows, lets allow those babies to grow in a little fuller than usual. For those who can't handle the challenge, just shape them using Tweezerman Tweezers. They come in lots of cool colors for you to choose from. Tweezerman.com, $15+ Finish with a styling gel for taming unruly brows. It gives you an all day lasting styled, shape brow. Browmousse Styling Gel $10

NAILS •    Let’s keep our pointers high maintenance and opt for a matte finish color when getting a manicure. It gives you a professional classy look, and it almost takes no time to dry. OPI.com

I think we are on our way to starting off the fall with nothing less but the most fabulous styles that will have us all looking our autumn best!

Xoxo Beauties, SimplyBijoux Follow me @SimplyBijoux