5 fun ways to 'exercise'

Living Holistically without Traditional Exercise By Mercedes Sanchez

fun ways to exerciseI'm not proud to admit that I don't exercise much. But as a native New Yorker, I sure do walk a lot! If you're like me and prefer untraditional exercise, take a look at some ways you can keep moving and living holistically without hitting the gym.

5 ways to stay fit

Leave the car behind

For the most part, walking to work is not practical. However, if you're heading to a location that's walking distance, consider leaving your car parked and walk instead.

I strongly recommend applying a light moisturizer with sun protection such as Simple's Vital Vitamin Day Cream SPF 15 even if you're just running an errand or going for a long walk.

2.Go shopping

What's the longest amount of time you've spent searching for that perfect dress, a new pair of shoes or beauty products?

Shopping often requires comfortable flats and patience (at least for me). Think about all the walking you do going from store to store, whether you're in a mall setting or shopping in the streets of SoHo or Madison Avenue.

3.Say no to elevators

Well, not really. My office is located on the 15th floor, and I won't suggest you walk up 15 flights every morning. Instead, take the elevator and get off one or two floors before your stop, and take the stairs to your floor.

4.Go bike riding

Hit the park for some traditional power walking, jogging or bike riding. (If you don't own a bike, try renting one).

Upon arriving home, wash the sweat off your face with your favorite cleanser. Get a head start by wiping off the dirt on your way home with Simple's Cleansing Facial Wipes.

5.Go on an outdoor date

Ask your boyfriend or partner if you can plan an outdoor game of touch football, catch, or soccer. Heck, even tag and get your heart pumping.

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