With the official start of summer only two weeks away, we know many of you would love to get fresh new products to maintain your locks frizzy-free and smooth whether you have curly, fine, thick, short or long hair. Here's your chance to get a basket full of must-have items from the New Pantene. Here's what you have to do: Get a free personal consultation by following eight easy steps to find out which products it recommends for your hair type, and leave a comment below telling us what product was suggested and what hair challenge you hope it improves!

You might be surprised. I always thought I had fine hair, but after a real life consultation, Pantene's Celebrity Hair Stylist Danilo explained that I actually have medium to thick hair. I just tried the virtual consultation and it reconfirmed that I should in fact be using products for medium to thick hair- not fine!

Give it a shot, and enter to win a basket full of hair products from Pantene! Get your free virtual consultation here, and remember to leave the comment BELOW by Sunday, June 13th for your chance at winning. Good luck! -Mercedes