Recreating Zendaya's half-up high ponytail | What do you think?

high ponytail As soon as I saw this recent pic of Zendaya's half-up high ponytail I knew I wanted to try it. I rocked a similar 'do as a kid, but I have no idea how to recreate it on my own. Only moments after posting Zendaya's pic on Instagram, I had already set an appointment at Joli Beauty Bar, a local independent beauty parlor. (I almost called the DryBar but decided it was best to support a small business.) 

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I can't believe it was my first time there. Marcus hooked me up with the makeup, while hairstylist Chardé created the half-up high pony. I told her I was a tad concerned about my big forehead, but she assured me I could rock the look. 

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If you're ever in the East Village/Lower East Side I highly recommend the Joli Beauty Bar. The rates are friendly and so is the team. I felt so comfortable with them and if you know me, I tend to be a little reserved and shy when I first meet someone. But I can't wait to be back. We had loads of fun and started cracking up when I told them I was heading to a baby shower. Like, why am I all dolled up?!

Actually, my birthday is in three days so I felt like taking it up a notch and getting a little sexier. 

high ponytail

I had the hair and makeup down, but I didn't know what to wear. Thankfully I put an outfit together last minute and it worked out. 

I got these pants at a JCPenney event two weeks ago, and I paired it with a burgundy sleeveless top from a year or two ago. I put on some music, and getting dressed turned into a photo session because, why not?

high pony tail

Half-up high ponytail high pontail fall fashion

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 So what do you think of the look? Some of you commented on my Facebook post and said I should give the hairstyle a try, but a few disagreed. Let me know what you think!