Hair Confessions

Ok, guys. As the title states, I have a confession to share with you. Until last week, I had not blown out my own hair in more than two years.  I can count on one hand the times I've done my own hair after college. latina beauty blogger

This past weekend I decided to give myself a blow out one hour before heading out to teach my catechism class. I don't know what made me so confident. I have long, medium-thick hair and it takes a little more than an hour in the salon. But I didn't have an hour. I only had 40 minutes.

But guess what? I did it!  And in 40 minutes with the BaBlyiss Pro. I think I bought it in Ricky's about three years ago for $80 and have only used three times.

hair dryer be chic mag

When I have a TV appearance or an event, I stop by the DryBar the day before.  I usually like to add some waves or body to my hair, but I only know how to dry it straight.

I got a curling iron for Christmas and perhaps I'll take a shot at doing my own hair for my beauty segment next week. What do you think?

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