Dry Your Hair With Less Heat and This 2-Day Hair Styling Routine (VIDEO)

So we're back with another video for the newly relaunched Be Chic TV, our original web series. If you've been following me for a while you may already know that I JUST started doing my own hair. I used to spend so much money at the beauty parlor before a TV segment or a special event. Blow drying and styling my hair is still a little hard for me but I've managed to come up with a two-day routine to make it easier. Let me show you what I mean. Watch video: 

One beauty resolution I've actually kept is spending less time drying my hair. I wrote all about it here. 

In New York City the weather changes from one moment to the next. I'm no longer paranoid about messing up my blow out when I see flurries or when it rains because I know I can style it again on my own.

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My two-day styling process consists of the following:

Day 1: Wash and dry. After the shower, I apply a light product such as a leave-in conditioner or detangler before combing my hair. I then pass the blow dryer until my hair is 80-90% dry.

I let the rest air dry on its own and go about my day.

Day 2: Style. I blow dry and pin my side swept bangs before curling the rest of the hair with a wand. I pin the hair up as I blow dry.

For more volume and body, it's best to pin the hair as high as possible and to leave it pinned for a couple of hours.

In the hair tutorial above, I only left it pinned for about 30 minutes but it still got some nice texture.

hair tutorial latina

Do you have any hair styling tricks you can share with me? 

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