Honest Beauty Launch

By Vanessa S.  Honest Beauty has finally launched. I was able to attend the NYC event on behalf of Be Chic Mag and I got to meet Jessica Alba! jessica alba honest beauty launch

It was a dream come true for me. After having a rough winter with my sensitive skin, particularly on my face, I'm glad to say the nightmare is over. I have been waiting for this moment all year! Finally an affordable, healthy and safe domestic beauty line that I can use on my skin.

Every single item that was on display is my new favorite - even if it included Sodium Benzoate which I am allergic to.

honest beauty mascara

I was in love at first glance with Honest Beauty's "Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer." It's an awesome dual gem! First you apply the primer on your eye lashes. The liquid will appear white. Give it a few seconds for it to dry. Once your lashes are dry it will turn clear. Then apply the mascara and watch the magic happen.

The primer helps prevent clumpy eyelashes. I have very long natural eye lashes so this will be fun to use.

honest beauty spf

I still have my summer tan and I was color matched with two different "Everything Cream Foundation" colors: one to highlight which was Almond, and one to contour which was Camel.

This foundation has medium to full coverage depending on how you apply. Once my tan fades I will be closer to the "Sand" color. I have yellow under tones and an olive skin complexion, and it's hard to find a good match with other beauty brands. As Jessica mentioned, "as a woman of color," she wants to celebrate diversity. The different tones and shades definitely made me feel like I can be myself.


honest beauty foundation

During my session I tried the "Beyond Protected Daily Sheer Tint" on top of the foundation for a brighter look. It looked seamless and not as if Tinker Bell sprinkled tons of pixie dust on my face. You can use this under or over your makeup just like the "Concealer Duo."

And finally, another favorite was the "Creme Blush!" It's another silent duo. You can dab it on your cheeks or on your lips for a pop of color. How cool is that?! There were so many different colors on sight. One that caught my eye was "Truly Charming." It's a raspberry/coral color.

honest  beauty blush

I must say that what makes me hold onto Honest and Honest Beauty truly are the non-toxic ingredients. I feel healthier and happier knowing that I don't have to feel guilty or afraid of harming my body. I am looking forward to seeing what else Honest and Jessica come up with.

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