Hurricane Sandy: Beauty To Go

What I packed during Hurricane Sandy  By Mercedes Sanchez

hurricane sandy beautyDo you live in an area prone to natural disasters? As a native New Yorker, I am used to severe snowstorms like the Blizzard of '96, El Niño, heat waves and the Blackout of Summer 2003.

But like many others in the tri-state area, I wasn't expecting Hurricane Sandy to be as strong as it was.

I was staying with my sister when the power went out. The next morning we lost cell phone service and decided to relocate, when my cousin literally walked to the apartment to extend an invitation to her sister-in-law's place uptown.

Though I should have had my to-go bag ready, I didn't. In a matter of minutes I grabbed only the essentials: three pairs of shirts and undergarments, my flashlight, toiletries, mascara, and Simple Skincare Cleansing Wipes. The towelettes were ideal for the situation, as they refresh and nourish skin all while removing dirt, makeup and even waterproof mascara without leaving a greasy residue.

I returned home one day before the power went back on. When things gradually started getting back to normal, I made to sure to take a long, warm shower at home. I treated myself to the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub which gently lifts dry and dead skin cells.

Tell us, what would you take with you if you had to relocate for a couple of days?

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