procterandgambleinfluencersThanks to Procter and Gamble- the parent company to brands like Pantene, CoverGirl, Olay and Tide to name a few- I had an exclusive opportunity to tour the hair and cosmetics science labs in the P&G headquarters in Ohio! P&G selected 11 online beauty reporters for a two day, all-expenses paid trip to Cincinnati where we tried our hands at making lotion in the Olay labs, learned about Pantene formulas and how CoverGirl came to design their LashBlast mascara!

We received tons of information! Did you know that 86% of women go light to dark when choosing foundation shades but only 15% choose correctly when self selecting? Did you know that American women want shampoo to lather in 40 seconds, and that Mexican consumers like less lather while Ukrainians like more? Or, that products go through rigorous testing and may be reformulated several times before being shipped? Something to think about next time you're on the check out line, right? Check out our brief interview with Procter and Gamble's Wendy Kennedy below!