Get long-lasting nails

Tips for strong nails  By Mercedes Sanchez

style expert Let’s talk about nails! I love wearing red nail polish—especially on my toes. However, I take forever to remove the polish. And when I finally do, I can see that wearing the polish for so long has somewhat stained my toenail. (Yuck!)

This year, I want to make sure to remove the polish from my toes after one week.

Here’s a tip on how to remove dead cells from your toenails and make your nails stronger over time. Soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes. This is great not only for your toenails, but it also helps to soften calluses and cuticles. It’s a great step to consider before painting your toes.

When it’s time for another pedicure or manicure, complete your look with a fun, frosty, and festive color!

Don’t forget to add a moisturizer.

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